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Aesop's Secret
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 16
Reviewer's Location - Rutland, Vermont, United States
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Aesops Secret is a tale of a family's ability to transform into a variety of species, and how a young 10 year old girl, Melinda,  used her newfound ability to save her family.  The HUttons, are descended from a group known as Athenites, shapeshifters.  Melinda is ecstatic, but her brother Felix looks coldly upon her family’s heritage and abilities. But he soon comes to terms with it, and learns to accept it.   Melinda, with the help of her bunny friend, Aesop, uncovers Aesops past, and how the same evil is affecting her loved ones. With evil figures lurking near, it takes all Melindas got to bring her family away from the darkness.  This story is a riveting tale for the very young, and is great for first discovering the world of fantasy for young readers.  


Aesops Secret, is a riveting tale for children, that if young enough can capture your attention and excitement.  However, for an older audience, this book lacks substance, it fails to provide a book to get lost in.  I really wanted to like this book, but found myself constantly looking for an excuse to avoid it.  I read it, only by force; which proved arduous, and cumbersome.  The book lacks sufficient details, and the storyline proved weak, in the realization that the authors moves for the characters could be easily guessed from an early point in the story.  This story may prove a valuable read for children looking for a beginners book, but as for me, I would do well to steer clear of any future books of this nature.

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This book is directed at children, as is evident in the writing. Nothing would prove offensive, unless one finds shape shifters against their religion or beliefs.



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