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This book serves as a companion book to Between the Lines, published in 2012.  This book dives back into a realm of fantasy, adventure, and the idea that books can come alive.  This is the tale of a girl who has found love within a book, and her love interest, Oliver, has managed to come out into her world.

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Seeker, is a new thrilling novel that allows the reader to take a journey into the lives of Quin, John and Shinobu.

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The Silver cord takes the reader on a journey to another realm, where the protagonist, Tasi, must fight to save humanity from the grasp of an evil that wishes to take over, in order to control what they most desperately want, 5 senses.  This graphic novel creates a whole new perspective and gives life to the idea of a war between humans, angels and robots.

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This book takes place in the 1700’s, with a group of different supernatural beings fighting for the chance to call New Orleans home. Fans of the show would rejoice in this prequel to the television show but would be disappointed to find that even hundreds of years earlier their favorite trio of vampires are facing the same problems.

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In this dramatic conclusion, it is how Kate must choose between her husband and the life of her child, a tough decision for anyone.  After being trapped for nine months by Cronus and Calliope, Kate has given birth, and with the aid of Ava; whose only interest is saving her husband, Calliope takes the baby from Kate and threatens to end her life.  But Cronus will not allow it, for he has “eyes” for her.

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Aesops Secret is a tale of a family's ability to transform into a variety of species, and how a young 10 year old girl, Melinda,  used her newfound ability to save her family.  The HUttons, are descended from a group known as Athenites, shapeshifters.

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