Seeker review by pavannah
by Arwen Elys Dayton
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 17
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Seeker, is a new thrilling novel that allows the reader to take a journey into the lives of Quin, John and Shinobu.  It follows Quin’s epic journey in discovering newfound inner strengths, and if she will be deemed worthy to enter the ranks of the other Seekers.  Quin had worked and dreamed her entire life about joining the seekers, because she believed that if she joined them she would be able to help people. However after she pledges to join she is given a whole new perspective on what it truly means to be a Seeker.  But even with new secrets unfolding, she is stuck, because once a seeker, there is no going back.


To begin, I definitely enjoyed reading this book, however there were some parts that made me cringe, because I mean what cliches do not make people want to look off into the distance with disappointment in their eyes? It was only a cliche because it was a strong woman fighting for her beliefs, with a little love and betrayal thrown in.  But even though there was this cliche in there it was present in a good way, and I am more than thrilled I made this lovely books acquaintance.  The fact that the main character is strong and intelligent made her more relatable and a role model for the readers, because who doesn’t want to be an awesome female warrior?  What I loved most about her as a character was her ability to adapt to the situations presented, and try to find a solution that she truly believed in, and I think this is an admirable trait in anyone.  Throughout the entire novel I was thrilled by the author's skill and devotion to developing the characters into more understanding and respectable people. The plot not only took me on a ride, it brought me on a rollercoaster filled with flips (that at times want to make you get off, but it's too good to stop, and, well, you’re stuck), which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Overall I have to say I was pleased, and will be looking forward to more in the future.

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It's an action adventure with mild romance



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