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Adam Undercover, The Presidium Files (Volume 1)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 14
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Adam Locke is a fifteen-year-old who knows his way around computers and has a strong sense of justice. Eventually he catches the attention of some powerful people. He uses his computer skills to get a teacher fired from his school. As a result, he gets into serious trouble, which leaves him vulnerable to the people who have been watching him.

The teacher he got fired is an undercover agent who is part of an organization called Trivindico. Trivindico desires to recruit Adam. His parents think they are sending him to a boarding school in Switzerland. In reality, he has agreed to live in an underground base a few blocks away from his house.

Adam then undergoes training and his first mission with his friend, Emma. However, they are quickly put in danger when a new computer program is put into circulation. The Japanese Yakuza could use this program to hack into all of the Trivindico computers. A former Trivindico agent is going to give them the key to do it. Adam, Emma, their teacher, and another agent go undercover as a family on vacation.

Can Adam and Emma keep up their disguise as a family and somehow get the secret information back when the plan goes awry?


I loved this book. When I was reading it, I could get a clear image in my mind of the images the author was trying to convey; the details were rich and descriptive. However, I found the details to be a bit too specific at times. The entire story was balanced and moved at an appropriate pace. It progressed very nicely. It was a book that I think anyone could read and enjoy.

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This book didn't really have anything offensive in it.

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