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Aboard the PSS 118--a school that is in orbit around Ganymede, which is one of Jupiter’s moons, the reader follows a boy named Jack Graham as he journies around the solar system.

 In a small town called Beldoc, Provence,  we follow a 30-year-old chef named Julie Cavallo who has a patisserie that is gluten-free. Julie is teaching a man named Maurice the ways of baking when he suddenly has a heart attack and dies. His death is filed by the gendarmerie as a natural death, but Julie thinks otherwise. Julie suspects that he was poisoned, so she goes on a hunt to find clues and evidence to reveal the culprit of this crime, with her sous chef, Eric, her sister, Florence, and her grandma, Rose by her side.

In the second book of Julie Cavallo Investigates, Julie has just solved the murder mystery of Maurice Sauve, but now another murder occurs. When Eric, Julie’s trusty sous chef is suspected of murdering his father who recently got out of jail, Julie tries to figure out who the real murderer is so she can clear Eric’s name. Julie interrogates many people to figure out the truth. She has help to uncover the secrets as well:  her sister, Flo, and her grandma, Rose.

Can You Hear Me, Daddy?  is a children’s picture book about a young girl, Renee whose father has cancer. Renee has been praying to God about her father, hoping he will recover. Before Renee’s father dies, he tells her to talk to him always, even if he doesn’t seem to be there. After his death, Renee struggles with the loss of her father, but she is comforted by keeping his memory close to her heart.


 In No True Believers, the reader follows a teenage Muslim girl whose name is Salma Bakkioui. Salma’s best friend, Mariam who has been her neighbor and best friend her whole life is moving away because Mariam’s father’s patients don’t want a Muslim chiropractor anymore. Everything goes downhill from there for Salma. With her boyfriend Amir comforting her, many kids at school are being very rude to her because she is a Muslim.

Kiera Johnson, a 17-year-old student at Jefferson Academy, is one of the few black kids at the school.

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