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Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me! begins with the birth of a new baby girl. Throughout this picture book, the little girl grows, but she wants to learn things that she can use in the future when she is older. The new things she learns are written in rhyme, and the story builds by showing how she can use these resources in her life.

I Am Sam follows a curious pelican named Sam who does not know what he is. Sam is on a journey to figure out who he is, and along his journey, he encounters many animals who help him to determine what kind of animal he is. He makes many new friends on his exploration. He goes to this zoo and figures out that he’s a pelican, but then later that day he gets captured by humans at the zoo. Sam escapes with help from the other zoo animals, and he goes to find more of his species!


 Mike’s grandson Frankie loves the zoo. When Mike and Frankie go to the zoo one day, Mike finds a little lion cub. Mike decides to bring the little cub home, and Frankie automatically loves him. Mike let Frankie have the little cub, and Frankie was ecstatic. Frankie and Fang, the full-grown lion, see a flier for a dog show, and Frankie thinks that he should enter Fang. Frankie and his lion decide to enter the show, but they are nervous that they won’t be able to participate since Fang is a lion. Fang does a flip for the show and it is amazing.

Jeremy, Marissa, Selene, Alex, and Patrick are 5 teenagers that are held captive on a planet 2 million miles away from earth. At one time they lived on earth and now they are trying to get back. They were transported to the Shakespearean time period in history and they are just trying to survive. They have been tortured on this planet and because of that, they are relentlessly searching for a sword and use it to get back to earth. They go through ups and downs while trying to get the sword. Will they be successful and find the sword?

Aboard the PSS 118--a school that is in orbit around Ganymede, which is one of Jupiter’s moons, the reader follows a boy named Jack Graham as he journies around the solar system.