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Who Put This Song On? follows a black, depressed, 17-year-old teen named Morgan Parker. She is one of the few black teenagers at her Christian high school and has had many instances where she’s the only black kid who participates in after-school activities such as sleepovers and hanging out.  Morgan has to put up with racist comments and often feels like an outsider because of her race.

Happy Messy Scary Love follows a 17-year-old girl named Olivia Knight who is a passionate horror movie lover. She absolutely loves them and discusses her hobby with an anonymous friend she has found on Reddit. Olivia tried to get into New York University and unfortunately failed because she waited until the last minute to start the admission process. One day, her anonymous Reddit friend, aka Elm, sends a picture of what he looks like and asks for a picture of her in return.

That’s How it Was starts off with a 12-year-old girl named Sarah and her 10-year-old sister, Mel, wondering what their father’s childhood was like. While the sisters are at their grandmother’s house, they look through boxes in the attic to search for information about their dad’s childhood. Sarah finds letters from her father to his future family which he was required to write for school, and while on her way home, she reads through them.

Passports and Pacifiers--Traveling the World, One Tantrum at a Time is a nonfiction biography that Kaitlyn Jain wrote about her struggles and adventures while traveling with young kids. Throughout this biography, the reader learns about the Jain family’s adventures while traveling around the globe with four small children. The Jain family faces challenges in their travels such as tantrums, diaper issues, and budgetary dilemmas, which show the struggle of parenting small children while globe-trotting.

Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me! begins with the birth of a new baby girl. Throughout this picture book, the little girl grows, but she wants to learn things that she can use in the future when she is older. The new things she learns are written in rhyme, and the story builds by showing how she can use these resources in her life.

I Am Sam follows a curious pelican named Sam who does not know what he is. Sam is on a journey to figure out who he is, and along his journey, he encounters many animals who help him to determine what kind of animal he is. He makes many new friends on his exploration. He goes to this zoo and figures out that he’s a pelican, but then later that day he gets captured by humans at the zoo. Sam escapes with help from the other zoo animals, and he goes to find more of his species!



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