Book Reviews by flash2099

College is hard enough without the stress of endlessly looking for and applying to jobs. Luckily, in Get Hired: For College Students, J. J. Scardino demystifies the job-hunting process and provides concrete steps and tips on not only how to make the job search easier, but also how to come out of it with a job. The majority of college students have no clue how the recruitment process works, and with the use of new technology to streamline the screening process, the recruitment process is much different than when our parents were looking for their first jobs. J. J.

The Vietnam War, one of the first where news reporters were on the ground with the troops, sparked considerable controversy at home. Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers returned home to cries of "Baby killer," and their service wasn't honored the way it should've been. Edison High School sent the most teenage boys to the war of any high school in America. Sixty-four boys never returned home. Richard Sand interviewed several veterans and the families of those who gave their lives in service to our country, and he tells the stories of their lives and service.

Teleported millions of light years away from home to a planet that wasn’t supposed to be inhabited, six high school students have less than a month to find their family members and find the way off this foreign planet. While the Gnome King’s army hunts for the prophesied Paladin, who they suspect is one of the “Earthlanders,” the six teenagers struggle to figure out their place in this strange new world that seems like it came straight out of medieval history books.

Dunya Khair, a published writer in an unnamed Muslim country, is wasting away in prison. In her cell with only a mouse and insects for company, Dunya reflects on the events of her life that led to her imprisonment: her outspokenness, her calling to write the truth, and her declaration of apostasy. In her country, not being Muslim is a heinous crime; the only thing worse is writing about not being Muslim. But prison is only the beginning of Dunya’s journey.

Troy Kandoya is a typical government employee who just wants to live his life in peace. But his brother, Lee, a religious leader in the mysterious and highly distrusted Kota, is making that difficult. When strange lights start appearing in the sky and some of the prophecies the Kota released start to come true, the public hatred towards the Kota rises. Lee then approaches Troy with the craziest idea of all.

The author, Louiesa, tells the story of starting a company and a family, and raising both in the tumultuous South African environment. She faced numerous challenges, both with her in-laws and her business partners treating her unfairly, yet she still managed to keep her head high and remain true to her beliefs. When changing laws and unfair business practices favored larger companies over hers, she fought back, working for her company, Sterling Debt Recoveries, to have a seat at the table.