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Jack Stone is an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life, with a semi-ordinary family.  He has no mother but lives with his uncle and genius father, who strangely has become very ill when Jack’s life changed abruptly. When Jack’s father becomes ill after coming home from his lab, Jack begins to worry, but now, after it has been quite a few days, Jack is relieved when his father tells him he wants to show him something.  What he sees changes his life forever; his father has created a Rift Tunnel Machine.

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In the time of Rome, Guiamo Durmius Stolo - just another ordinary Roman boy - is abandoned by his uncle in Gaul. Now alone, Guiamo begins to wander aimlessly on the road, heading to a destination he does not know. After wandering for a while, he meets a fisherman who takes him in, teaching him the ways of fishing, and eventually recognizes the talent the boy possessed. After some time has passed, he sends Guiamo once more on the road, but this time to a friend who will teach Guimo even more than the fisherman could.

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In Time Traitor by Todd McClimans, the main characters, Kristi Connors and Ty Jordan, are just two kids attending George Washington Prep School. Kristi hates the place and is trying to get herself kicked out by humiliating her history teacher, Xavier Arnold. She rigs up his desk with explosive fireworks, unscrews his desk chair, and basically just annoys him every waking hour at Washington Prep.  

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In You Gotta Have Heart by Bruce Bernstein, the main character, Alan, is an orphan in an orphanage that has a very long name, so the boys living in it just call it The Home. 

Alan’s parents died in a car crash, and to add to the pain, The Home is also where two bullies named Frankie and Jack live. Alan is tired of Frankie and Jack picking on his roommate, Chris, and himself, so he joins a karate dojo to learn how to fight back. 

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