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Watch Hollow
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Juvenile Fiction
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In the book Watch Hollow by Gregory Funaro, the town of Watch Hollow is the home of the Blackford House, an ancient house with a clock that powers the entire house! But soon it stops working Then some unnatural trees begin to creep toward the house from the nearby Shadow Woods and are about to destroy everything - at least that's how it looks! Luckily, the Tinkers - Lucy, Oliver, and their dad - arrive to fix the clock under the supervision of the new owner, Mr. Quigley. All they have to do is fix a cuckoo clock, and they’ll never be poor again, because Mr. Quigley is offering pockets full of authentic gold worth hundreds of dollars! It doesn’t take long for the Tinkers to realize that this offer is too good to be true, but they decide to play along and hopefully get more gold! It can’t be that hard fixing a cuckoo clock, can it? How could it be THAT dangerous? They are about to find out!


I really enjoyed Watch Hollow by Gregory Funaro because of the way he gave each character their own personality. Some were timid, some were bold, others were confused or reliant. I also enjoyed how I could picture the different places the Tinkers went by the way Gregory Funaro described them. I especially enjoyed the Watch Hollow house because I could picture the dark hallways and secret passageways.  My favorite part was how the author mixed magic with modern technology. Readers are sure to finish this book. I give it 5 stars because of how well it was written.


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