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Jack Stone is an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life, with a semi-ordinary family.  He has no mother but lives with his uncle and genius father, who strangely has become very ill when Jack’s life changed abruptly. When Jack’s father becomes ill after coming home from his lab, Jack begins to worry, but now, after it has been quite a few days, Jack is relieved when his father tells him he wants to show him something.  What he sees changes his life forever; his father has created a Rift Tunnel Machine. Having no idea the jumble of science terms his father shares with him, Jack decides to hit the library and figure out what his dad has made. In the process, he runs into a strange orange-cloaked figure running through the library. After a failed attempt to catch the figure, he calls up his buddy from school, Wayne, and tells him the whole story. On their way home from chatting about the Rift Tunnel Machine, they catch sight of the orange-cloaked figure and chase after him, thus dragging their future into a brand new adventure.


In my opinion, Infinity: The Secret of the Diamonds is a fascinating book. I truly enjoyed the characters, the plot twist, and the extra-terrestrial life forms befriending Jack and his Earth friends. My favorite part of the book is probably in the beginning when Jack first encounters the orange-cloaked figure and chases after him. I had no idea how the author, Tejas Mathai, was going to combine the first chapter of the book with the words on the back cover. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it for readers between ages 10-12. This book is not overly complicated, and it's a great start to a long and hopefully amazing career for the author.

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