Book Reviews by hawkreader10

Sam, the main character in I Am Sam, written and illustrated by Rodney James, has always known he was different from the rest of his family. He couldn’t fly as early as his siblings and was much larger than them. Even though Sam knew his family loved him despite his differences, he felt that he needed to find out who he really was and embarked on a journey of self- discovery. Along the way Sam met many animals - owls, lizards, dogs, turtles, elephants, and pelicans - who all tried to help him figure out who he was.

What is your favorite way to spend time with your grandma? Would you rather snuggle up with her and read a great book together or go on a big exciting adventure? Would you rather visit a museum or the beach with your grandma? What if you couldn’t spend time with her at all? If Grandma Were Here, written by Amber L. Bradbury and illustrated by Jessica Corbett, explores all the fun things kids can do with their grandmothers but also teaches young children that even if they can’t physically be with their grandma, she will always be with them in their hearts.

Fourteen year old Zebulon Harris, the main character in

In her past adventures, Evie the Everyday Witch has only succeeded with the help of her friends. She is convinced that everyone thinks she is actually bad at being a witch! That is why Evie is so determined to prove herself as the most clever witch around in Special Magic, the third book in the Evie The Everyday Witch Series by Elena Paige. When magical creatures inexplicably begin to wreak havoc in her town, Evie is determined to save the day completely on her own and forbids her friends - human, witch, and magical pets - to help.

Some children may be sad to see the warm and carefree days of summer give way to fall, but not the Harvest Sprites - fall is their time to shine! From playing in leaves, to curling up with a good book, to carving pumpkins, the sprites celebrate all the joys of fall.

Julie Cavallo, the main character of The Killer Karma by Ana T. Drew started off her amateur detective career in Book 1 of the Julie Cavallo Investigates series, The Murderous Macaron. In that adventure, Julie and her friends successfully exposed the facts of Maurice Suave’s murder.  But after Julie is almost killed by Suave’s murderer, her friends decide it is time to put their amateur sleuthing to rest.