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Achoo! Baby Bear is allergic to pollen. And he gets covered in it as soon as he wakes up from his long winter hibernation! As he struggles to get rid of the sticky yellow dust covering his fur, Baby Bear decides he does NOT like pollen. He even says that he wishes pollen didn't exist. But as his other animal friends wake up, Baby bear learns that pollen does a lot more than just make him sneeze. In fact, many other animals and insects rely on pollen. His friends Sandy Spiderling, Zoe Zebra Butterfly, and some honey bee larvae even eat it!

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Pukey Poetry: Tale Ticklers by Mz Millipede is a humorous collection of poetry for children by Dorianne Allister Winkler.

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Have you ever had to stop what you love, leave who you know, and move to a different place? Then you might understand how Harper McCoy feels; she is the main character in The Audition by Maddie Ziegler.

Harper has been dancing since she was a toddler and is finally one of the top dancers on her competitive dance team in Connecticut. Then her parents decide to move to Florida for work. She’s determined to get accepted into a dance studio in Florida and quickly make her way to the top, but it is not nearly that easy.

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