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Some children may be sad to see the warm and carefree days of summer give way to fall, but not the Harvest Sprites - fall is their time to shine! From playing in leaves, to curling up with a good book, to carving pumpkins, the sprites celebrate all the joys of fall.

Julie Cavallo, the main character of The Killer Karma by Ana T. Drew started off her amateur detective career in Book 1 of the Julie Cavallo Investigates series, The Murderous Macaron. In that adventure, Julie and her friends successfully exposed the facts of Maurice Suave’s murder.  But after Julie is almost killed by Suave’s murderer, her friends decide it is time to put their amateur sleuthing to rest.

Gambling, drug addiction, and poor crops are just some of the things that plague the life of Sunderlal, a farmer in rural Bengal India. Sunderlal is the main character of A Rural Coincidence, a short story by Debjeet Mukherjee. Focusing on his impoverished state and the fact that he can’t fund his teenage daughters’ education makes life so unbearable that Sunderlal decides to commit suicide despite the blessings in his life such as his family.

After living half of her life in Paris, Julie Cavallo, the main character in The Murderous Macaron by Ana T. Drew, has decided to move back to her birthplace, a small village in Provence, France, to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef. Julie opens up her own gluten-free pastry shop, hoping it will become a bustling hub where people will come to enjoy her “delights”. But Julie soon learns that opening a new business isn’t quite as easy as she thought.

When his father’s speaking tour in India is extended to New Delhi, Gideon Hithersby, the main character of The Nine Jewels by Susan Badaracco, decides to join his parents in India. On the day of his scheduled departure, he discovers that one of his friends, Ashton, is also going to New Delhi with her cousin, who has been suddenly invited to study Indian folklore there. Although their reasons for traveling to New Delhi seem very different, Gideon suspects that it isn’t a coincidence that they are going to the exact same place at the same time.

Far far away on the planet of Ankor there lived the Turkles, a species bearing close semblance to turtles on planet Earth but who remained completely unknown to humans for thousands of years.

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