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Twelfth-Night Cake & the Rosings Ghost: A Sofia-Elisabete, Love Child of Colonel Fitzwilliam Tale
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Historical Fiction
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Twelfth-Night Cake and the Rosings Ghost is the sequel to its enchanting predecessor, I Sofia-Elisabete, Love Child of Colonel Fitzwilliam: A Perfect World in the Moon. This Christmas-themed story is not only mysterious but also heart-touching as the story is narrated by eight-year-old Sofia-Elisabete, who tells of her struggles to behave properly after her less than conventional beginnings.

Following the story told in the first novel, Sofia-Elisabete and her father, Colonel Fitzwilliam, find themselves spending a winter’s month at Rosings, the estate of Lady Catherine. While attempting to assist the innocent Sofia-Elisabete through understanding the prejudices of the real world, Colonel Fitzwilliam and his daughter are told the tale of the Rosings Ghost, a mysterious trickster that annoyed the inhabitants of Rosings centuries ago during the twelve days of Christmas. The very next day, strange things begin to occur. Lady Catherine adamantly blames Sofia-Elisabete, but Sofia-Elisabete is convinced it might the Rosings Ghost. With the help of her father, will Sofia-Elisabete be able to discover the real nature of the Rosings Ghost and put an end to its schemes?



This book is much like its predecessor. It’s cute, funny, thoughtful, and generally heart-warming as we see the world through the eyes of eight-year-old Sofia-Elisabete. There are even more of Jane Austen’s beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice introduced in this novel, so it would be wise to be acquainted at least somewhat with those characters before reading this novel. 

Sofia-Elisabete is nothing short of charming. While mature for her age in some ways and childish in others, she is easily one of the most likable characters. The story is narrated by her, making her even more appealing. It’s rare for a story to be narrated by a character so young, but it creates an unique voice and adds a level of simplicity that makes this book perfect for any age.

The plot is somewhat vague at times, but nevertheless a story worth reading. As much as the tale is meant to be about the Rosings Ghost, it’s more a tale of childhood. This fact does not deduct from the book whatsoever; if anything, it only makes it more enjoyable. 

Any lovers of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will absolutely adore these stories! They recreate beloved characters from the renowned story and continue the voice of the original novel with excellence.

Twelfth-Night Cake and the Rosings Ghost is not only charming and unique, but it also entertains and creates intrigue with perfection. It draws you into the story, and you will find yourself laughing and crying alongside Sofia-Elisabete as she investigates the mysterious Rosings Ghost.

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While Sofia-Elisabete was not born out of a marriage, the origins of her birth are not discussed nearly as much as in the first book.




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