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Tunnel of Time
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Juvenile Fiction

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When Gracie and her two younger sisters Lizzie and Reba Dee go to the Country Fair, the only thing they're expecting is a nice, quiet time through one of their favorite rides, the Tunnel of Time.  This ride features completely fake automatons from the olden days telling about how they used to live. What could go wrong?  Apparently, lots. When the three sisters' train cart is detached from the rest, they have no idea what to do. Should they wait for help to come, or try to find a way out of there themselves? The three of them decide to go through the emergency exits and see where they take them. Not where they hoped. When Gracie, Lizzie, and Reba Dee go through the exits, they realize that those automatons might not be as fake as they thought. How could the sisters be talking to people from over a hundred years ago? The girls don't know what to think. As soon as they enter the exits, they end up in a completely different time. Will anyone believe their story? More importantly, will the three of them ever get back home?


Have a fantastic time reading through time! This story is extra educational, extra creative, and extra entertaining! I didn't know almost any of the the things the author wrote about Helen Keller or any of the other characters from the olden days. Reba Dee made me laugh out loud several times, and overall, this was a great read. I thought that some of the parts could have been a little better, but they were good all the same. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn history is a fun and textbook-free way. I feel that anyone from ages 8 and up would enjoy reading this book and 7 year-olds too, if they were being read to.

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