Book Reviews by Junebug

     Ash Narro can name things and not just choose names; she can give them their true names. She has a blanket named Nester and a bottle named Aisling. The names whisper to her. She can change anything into what she wants it to become just by naming it.

 Jillian Cassidy dreads going to school because she is badly bullied, so when she finds out she's been enrolled in a semester at her mom's old boarding school, she couldn't be happier. Jillian and her new friends Meghan, Samantha, and Sadie go on plenty of adventures, but the fun doesn't end there. When Jillian accidentally sends the three of them back in time 50 years to when her mom was at the school, you can't blame them for panicking quite a bit especially because during this time a war has started.

Milos's father, Lord Andrik (the king of Anadel), has banned magic from the city for good. This is not a very good thing in Milos's opinion because he simply loves everything to do with magic. He loves it so much, in fact, that he has two forbidden spell books stashed away under his bed. When Lady Keren and her son Caleb from the city of Breen come to the palace to visit, Milos is thrilled to have someone his own age around for a change. He is so thrilled that he foolishly decides to show Caleb his illegal spellbooks.

Ever since the death of Oliver and Lucy Tinker's mother, the family's clock shop business hasn't been doing very well. When a mysterious old man arrives at their shop door with a large pile of gold in exchange for the repair of a very important clock, the Tinker family is happy to take the job. The father and siblings cheerfully arrive at the house where the clock is kept but (please don't tell anyone) a bit afraid. The woods that surround the house are different from normal woods and creepier than normal woods as well.

When Gracie and her two younger sisters Lizzie and Reba Dee go to the Country Fair, the only thing they're expecting is a nice, quiet time through one of their favorite rides, the Tunnel of Time.  This ride features completely fake automatons from the olden days telling about how they used to live. What could go wrong?  Apparently, lots. When the three sisters' train cart is detached from the rest, they have no idea what to do. Should they wait for help to come, or try to find a way out of there themselves?