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Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Humor

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Do you like zombies? Well, if you do, read Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb!  I'd recommend it for boys 8-16 who can handle the chills that go up your spine when you read about brain sucking infected zombies and enjoy spooky, humorous and fictional stories.

This story takes place in a small town with a lot of people.  The town is surrounded by water, like an island,  and the water is surrounded by a larger mass of land. There are three main characters named Nate, Misty, and Kali and a ton of zombies. Nate is the kind of kid that is adventurous and does not follow rules.  He makes the story interesting.  Misty is a tough girl that is obedient.  Kali is the type of friend that is smart and is always using bigger words than a boy younger than 10 usually uses. 

The main problem is that three kids are trapped in a town that is infested with zombies. It starts off with Nate and Misty, Kali comes in later.  They notice people are disappearing and reappearing as zombies.  What is happening in this small town?  I will tell you that lemonade is an important ingredient to defeating the zombies.  You need to read it to find out if the zombies take over.


I liked that the story involves zombies.  It was hard to put down and was scary and intense all at the same time.  What I did not like is that my mom had to yell at me to put the book down!!! I am planning on reading it again.  The book was fun and easy to read.

If you like zombies, excitement and thrills then read this book!!!!!  Remember, do not underestimate the power of lemondade!

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This book has no offensive content other that the words "stupid," and "aw fudge."




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