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In this book, the main character, Nina, just got out of school for the summer.  While she is lying in her backyard, she gets a feeling that she needs to do something good this summer.  Nina then makes a plan of how she will complete her good things. This is how it works: she needs to do 65 good things, she needs to stay anonymous, and she needs to do one good things for each house/family in her culd-a-sac.

All through the summer Nina works hard to get the 65 good things done. Her friend Jorie is trying to get Nina a date to homecoming. Nina does not want her friend to get her a date; she wants to find her own. Nina and Jorie then get into a fight and Nina wants to stop doing the good things.

To find out if Nina does all 65 good things and if she gets a date to homecoming, read The Summer I Saved the World… in 65 Days, by Michele Weber Hurwitz.


I loved this book a lot. It inspired me to get up and do something good. I also liked how realistic the book was. My favorite character was Nina because she was so great at being anonymous. I would recommend it to anyone.

It was a great book! There is no swearing or explicit content, so pretty much anyone can read it.  I would recommend this book to people ages 10-99!


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