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Age at time of review - 14
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Ari Wren, a freshman in highschool, suddenly attracts the attention of the most popular and handsome boy in school, Cade Waters. Although he doesn’t speak to her at school, he uses SnapChat to communicate with her, sending her pictures and flirtatious messages. He starts sending messages that are more and more intimate. While Ari is on her spring break vacation to Coronado, California, he sends a message asking to see her naked. Ari is shocked by his request and blurts the situation out to a handsome stranger, Clayton, at the beach. Clayton encourages her to do what she thinks is right and handle it however she sees fit. Ari comes back home from her vacation and decides to take a stand.



Ari Wren is a (mostly) happy 14 year old who loves to have fun and hang with her friend, Shyla. In those moments when she is not so happy, it is because she is ashamed and embarrassed of her body, quite a big part of the book. I really like Ari’s character, mostly because she’s so relatable. Liking the main character made it a good read and I zoomed through the book in 1 hour.

It was a really good book, and had mostly good writing. I noticed that sometimes the author forgot a letter in a word or accidentally put two of the same word in a row.

A weakness I found was I don’t think that the author elaborated on the characters enough for this kind of book. I really would have loved to know more of their backstories. 

A definite strength I saw was the entire message of the book. It’s good to inform people, especially children, of some of the dangers in the world and this book did that while keeping it fun and entertaining.

While I was reading, I saw some similarities to a series I just started, A Katie Parker Production. I think Snapped had a faster and more interesting storyline, but I think the first book in A Katie Parker Production, was written better.

Overall, I liked this book. It had a very interesting storyline, a relatable main character, and a wonderful message.The ending was really good and very moving, and left me wondering what else Ari Wren went on to accomplish with her life.

The main lesson of the book was don’t be ashamed of your body. I’m glad this was a main theme, I feel many people need to know this and embrace it. There is too much pressure to look good these days, and people judge you based on what you look like on the outside, not what you look like on the inside.

I would recommend this to everyone above the age of 13. This book has some very important messages and lessons for teens, and everyone really.

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Ari performs in a play about two people having an affair. A boy asks to see Ari's breasts multiple times. Ari kisses a boy several times. There is a site devoted to pictures of naked girls.




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