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Ari Wren has a great life: Two best friends and a family she loves.Cade Waters is by far the most popular guy at Sierra High School. Why then has he suddenly noticed Ari, a freshman nobody? Her friends are surprised by his attention and more than a little jealous. As Ari finds herself falling for Cade, his requests become more intimate and personal. Ari feels confused and unsure about what to do.Follow Ari as she navigates budding romance, tough decisions, betrayal, and a trip to an island in this young adult story of growing up the hard way.

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  • Romance
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In Snapped, high school freshman Ari struggles with the challenges and changes that come with getting older. When popular senior Cade sends her photos and messages to show his interest in her, Ari is unsure how to handle the attention. As his comments get more personal and indecent, she needs to make several decisions on whether the approval of a boy and others are worth the risks that arise if she allows it to happen. Her year-long journey teaches her how to stand up for what she feels is right, as well as how to refuse the dangers of peer pressure.

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