Book Reviews by Iliterate Child

Starr Bishop seems to be perfect. She’s blond, athletic, smart, and pretty. Hoping to get a position in a summer leadership program, Starr takes the test along with her best friends, Jody and Sami. But only Starr passes, and the leadership program was a front for the Organization who wanted to train Starr to be an assassin. Starr escapes and runs for her life. While on the run, Starr runs into Christian Evergood, a weird, goth, emo boy from her school who didn’t exactly make it a secret that he hated her. It turns out, he’s not what he seems.

Ari Wren, a freshman in highschool, suddenly attracts the attention of the most popular and handsome boy in school, Cade Waters.

Cady and Cooper, best friends, and two model students and offspring, decide that before they graduate, they want to do things “normal kids” do. They make a bucket list.

Our Dark Stars is about two main characters, Will and Talia. Talia has been asleep for a hundred years unaware that mocks (man made robots) have taken over the galaxy and enslaved humans, after a catastrophe involving her best friend. Will finds Talia and tries to uncover her true identity. In the end, Will decides against turning Talia over to the Queen, giving his own life for hers, and it’s up to Talia to save him.