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Snap To Grid: Stones of Bothynus Book 1
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy
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Age at time of review - 18
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One year ago, Sonia Greene saw what she believed to be a “Viking ghost” in her late Uncle Alistair’s mansion. Even though time has passed since that strange incident, she is unable to forget about it. It does not help that she will be moving into the mansion with her sister and parents. In addition to moving, she also has to worry about typical teenage problems such as going to a new school. Sonia, known as Red, has ADHD, but thankfully that does not stop her from making friends.

As time passes and the more of it she spends in her Uncle’s house, the more it feels like she is being watched.

And she is right. One of her Uncle’s students, Erik, went missing. It turns out he is now a ghost. Both he and Red have an attraction to each other, but it has its limitations because they live in two different states of being. They have to learn to work together to figure out what really happened to Uncle Alistair. For being only sixteen, Red has her work cut out for her.


This book had me captivated from the start. I immediately identified with the main character, Red, due to her not acting like the typical teenager. Although she does have ADHD, which is something I cannot relate to, we have a lot in common. Her character came across very lifelike. I found it interesting how her nickname came from the character Red Sonja. After looking up this comic book character, I was a little surprised by the choice to have this woman be Red’s role model. It was good she looked up to a strong female character, even if this character dressed provocatively.

I enjoyed a lot of the other characters in the story as well. Erik is really nice and is great because of his personality and not just from how good looking he is. I also really appreciated the bond Red had with her sister. I love seeing siblings having good relationships with one another, especially when they are teenagers.

Overall, this is a really great book that is filled with many amazing moments and will leave the reader wanting more. This book is right up my alley; I can imagine it being a great read for anyone who has an interest in supernatural themes.

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There are a few bad words and some kissing, both nothing too bad. This book is also a mystery that deals with death and murder.



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