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Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann
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Six Million Accusers, by D. Lawrence-Young, is about a Jewish man named Haim and his part in the team of spies who captured Adolf Eichmann, the organizer of all the Nazi concentration camps. Haim and his team have to spend weeks in a foreign country looking for an elusive man, all the while staying undercover. They cannot let anyone know of their presence, or they could lose their man.


   There were two things that I found took away from the story.  First, was that it seemed to be a slow starter, and the other thing was that sometimes I would be a bit confused on what character's point of view the story was being told from. I did really appreciate that it really lets the different feelings of the Israelis who either were in concentration camps, or had family members in concentration camps, be known. It was very good at conveying the message that in the real world with real spies and secret agents, there is no room for mistakes in the operation and that there frequently is not a way to miraculously save the day after messing up. There was no joking at the vital moments; all the characters understood the repercussions that catching their target would bring.

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There were some scenes where the main character took part in killing out of revenge. There were also scenes where the experiences with the Holocaust were discussed.

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