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The year is 1947. This is the town: Farmingford. Geographically small in comparison to the big city of Belmont whose population just passed its one-hundred-thousand mark, Farmingford may seem like a peaceful place, but there are gangsters lurking in the shadows. A seasoned law enforcement officer is tasked with taking down the protection racket that has been terrorizing the surrounding area. But when high school twins, Dan and Paul Case, stumble upon crucial evidence, they become targets themselves. Despite the detective's warnings to stay out of the investigation, the brothers find themselves inextricably drawn into the dangerous game. And when the hardware store owned by Paul's girlfriend's father becomes the next target, the stakes become even higher. Can the brothers untangle themselves from the web of deceit and danger before it is too late?



Get ready to become addicted! The Silent Witness Mystery is fast paced, with a plot that grabs your attention, cliffhangers that quicken your pulse, and humor that lightens the mood. Author Dorian Rockwood has managed to create believable protagonists with an interesting backstory: Dan and Paul's father had once been in a gang but managed to get out. Mystery readers will find themselves immersed in the time period as they peek into the lives of the Case brothers who spend time at the local drive-in and use colorful phrases like “I think it’s time we scrammed out of this clambake.” Anyone who has felt the need to protect those they love will empathize with the brothers’ need to solve the crime. By each turn of the page, clues are revealed, and suspects are unveiled, but just when you think you have it all figured out, Rockwood throws in a few misdirections to keep you guessing until the very end. With nail-biting action and a cast of unforgettable characters like Ricco and Vinnie, this book is a must-read for fans of small town mysteries and thrilling suspense. And with this being the second book in the series, you will want to keep the author motivated and read the whole series!"


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