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The Secret in Bladham Wood
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy
Five Star Award

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Sam and Lily have a typical sibling relationship; Lily (the younger sister) annoys Sam, and Sam always gets blamed for anything Lily does wrong. The girls are spending the summer with their grandparents, and Sam is not excited to spend the whole summer hanging out with Lily. So when she meets their neighbor, a boy named Marcus, she's excited to have someone her own age to hang out with, especially when she discovers that he also loves to read. The three of them are hanging out when Lily runs off into the woods behind the house. Scared that she will get lost, Marcus and Sam run after her. Once they find her, they start talking for a while, when Lily suddenly disappears into thin air almost as if something in the woods grabbed her. Sam quickly tells her grandparents, and she expects them to call the police.  Instead they act as if they already knew that this might happen! But when Sam and Marcus find a mysterious note telling them how to get Lily back, they know they must work together to save Lily before it is too late.


I really liked reading this book. The characters in this story were very relatable, especially the main character Sam. From her love of reading to her mild annoyance with her little sister, the author's descriptions of Sam were very realistic for a twelve-year-old girl. I also liked how the author was able to maintain suspense throughout the story. For example, instead of just having Lily get kidnapped, the author comments on how creepy the woods seem to Sam before this incident occurs. I also liked the pacing of the story as no one part seemed boring or slow. This is a perfect book for readers looking for a chapter book full of adventure, suspense, and magic!

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