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The Price of Rebellion by Michael C. Bland is a touching story about the fight for the truth. Wicked people had taken over the government, and they had access to everyone's privacy due to a forehead implant which was initially implanted in people to control crime rate . Dray, after finding out the truth of the matter some time ago, decided to fight against "The Agents," the new power in authority over the country. The story started with Dray and his team trying to find out the nodes' location as these nodes are channels through which the government sends information to everyone's implant, so everyone could see the truth as his previous broadcast failed its purpose to make people know the truth. This soon led to as series of encounters, near death experiences, new protective weapons, and also hard choices along the way. Dray, who had to join a group of rebels, seemed to go against his leaders directives when he felt that innocent people would get harmed. Taking some decisions on his own painted him a threat to Lafontaine's leadership. Lafontaine was the head of one of the clans of rebels, so at a point, Dray was fighting both internal and external forces.


This book was well-written, the choice of words in sync, and it started with a prelude which seemed like a puzzle at the beginning but made sense while flipping through the pages. Although the book was written in the near future, it is still relatable. Dray, the main character, is a man who has his own goal at heart. This same trait is shown in one of his daughters, Raven, as both strove to see that they achieved their goals no matter the odds. The tone of the book is serious and not playful. It is suspense-filled, piquing curiosity as questions swirl around my mind. If you're looking for a book that involves science, an adventurous book with a hint of romance, and also if you don't mind bloody or violent scenes, then I highly recommend this book to you. Even though I was a bit disappointed at how the book ended, I rate this book 5 out of 5. The book ended on the note of it being continued, hinting at it being a series. An example of an excellent science fiction book.

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The book contains a hint of romance, bloody or violent scenes and use of swear words.




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