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Passports and Pacifiers--Traveling the World, One Tantrum at a Time is a nonfiction biography that Kaitlyn Jain wrote about her struggles and adventures while traveling with young kids. Throughout this biography, the reader learns about the Jain family’s adventures while traveling around the globe with four small children. The Jain family faces challenges in their travels such as tantrums, diaper issues, and budgetary dilemmas, which show the struggle of parenting small children while globe-trotting. The author shows the reader the hardships that her family goes through but also the good times that they have together as a family. The Jain family is on a tight budget, which makes traveling even harder for them, but they end up being able to go on about eight trips. The parents try their best to get the most affordable deals to make the multiple trips possible, and at the same time, they make sure the family has a ton of fun, and they accomplish that.



 Passports and Pacifiers-- Traveling the World, One Tantrum at a Time serves as a good guide for mothers who are going through a similar situation because the book presents how to navigate being a mom and wife while traveling. Readers learn about the family’s adventures from the perspective of Kaitlyn Jain, the mother of the Jain children and wife to the father. Because the mother is the narrator of this memoir, moms of children would most likely be the target audience and can relate to the situations that they encounter. Other audiences, for example teenagers, might find the detailed descriptions of the children’s diaper blowouts and the relationship of the parents to be information that is too personal. However, for moms, this text would be relatable because the mothers would be familiar with the challenges that the Jain family goes through. As a teenager, this was hard to relate to and some descriptions of their struggles were too much information. Other than that, this work of nonfiction was entertaining to read about because of the events that occurred, which I found interesting. Overall, mothers should definitely pick up this book because they might find it relatable to their own life, and also, pick up a few tips along the way. 

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