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A Name for Dog is a story about the people and animals of a village, living in the same space but separately, as has always been. Animals are not pets, nor are they predator or prey of humans. Animals are predator and prey to each other, but hunting is not to be done in the village. The animals have no names; they are just simply called what they are, by people and other animals. Tinnet, Nalana and Grat are three children who become friends, and they all secretly wonder what it would be like to have animals as friends. Dog and Rabbit also wonder what it would be like to have people as friends. Some humans and animals are starting to dislike the current situation. Tinnet’s mother, Leya, and other villagers are starting to be wary of Wolf, accusing him of things he did not do. Animals such as Wolf, Pig, and Rat are tired of the humans. Cat pays no mind to anyone but his best friend Dog.  Tension is building between the humans and animals, and Tinnet’s father, Tuma, is well respected in the community and is being asked by others what to do about the animals. Lion lives in the village and also the Wild, where no human ventures far into. Tuma decides to go speak to Lion in the Wild and see if they can somehow communicate and reach an agreement. While Tuma is gone, a thunderstorm hits the village and surrounding area and a fire starts in the grassland outside the village. The area has been in an extended drought, and the entire village is in danger. Will the village survive, and if so, what will become of the relationship between man and beast?


Mary Mager has delivered another hit. This book is a funny, heart-pounding, and heart-warming gem. I happen to be an enormous animal lover, but I am certain that ANYONE would love this story. 

The characters, both human and animal, have so much depth the reader can’t help but be invested in them.  This is not an easy feat when there are so many characters in a shorter book. Each character has a distinct personality and trials and triumphs.

The setting is fantastic as well.  Imagery of the village, homes, meadow, and wild are very well done, giving the reader all they need to picture it in their mind. From the mud hole to the water basin, the wild to the berry patch, the reader feels as if they are there observing the story unfold. 

The theme is amazing, but you will have to read this delightful tale to discover it for yourself as I would hate to ruin the story. 

Mary Mager has written a creative and lovable book.  She is clever and truly talented. I could rave about A Name for Dog for pages, but I don’t want to rob any reader of the absolute pure joy of reading it for themselves. Adults, children, animal lover or not, this book is a win for anyone and a definite repeat read for me. Pure perfection.

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