A Name for Dog - A Fable in Celebration of Earth's Creatures
A Name for Dog - A Fable in Celebration of Earth's Creatures

In a time beyond imagining, all people and animals lived in one place – together yet apart – and having as little to do with each other as possible. But change is coming, and every animal must choose whether to go into the Wild or stay with humankind. Then a boy named Tinnet befriends Dog and gives him a name, marking a time when nothing will ever be the same between animals and humans.
“A Name for Dog” is a heartfelt fable celebrating the animal kingdom and man’s relationship to the creatures who share this beautiful earth with us.

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  • Animals

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  • 8 - 12
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A Name for Dog is a story about the people and animals of a village, living in the same space but separately, as has always been. Animals are not pets, nor are they predator or prey of humans. Animals are predator and prey to each other, but hunting is not to be done in the village. The animals have no names; they are just simply called what they are, by people and other animals. Tinnet, Nalana and Grat are three children who become friends, and they all secretly wonder what it would be like to have animals as friends.

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