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The Mistress Of The Rock is a fantasy book by Myron Edwards that tells the story of Richard and his search for the Goddess of Love. The war had just begun and Richard, a soldier, had to travel to Kuwait with the rest of the team. On their way, they caught sight of a large rock, which his companions called “The Aphrodite Rock”. After the mission in Kuwait, Richard made friends with a man named Peter who had flown them in. After the war, Peter and Richard lost touch for over twenty years. They later got back together when Richard and his wife visited Cyprus for a vacation. They met Peter, who flew them around in a helicopter. Richard saw the rock once again and felt a connection. After their tour, he went through the pictures he took and noticed the faint view of the face of a lady in one of the pictures, which no one could see. This urged him strongly to seek the Goddess of Love, which lead to something greater. What do you think it was?


The book is interesting which centers on Richard's search for the Goddess whom he thought he owed a favor. The plot is something that made the book enjoyable as it portrayed Richard's life as a soldier, which was terrible and heartbreaking since he was faced with disrupting incidents that gave him sleepless nights. Apart from that, it also included the appealing parts of life, like when he got together with Peter and started a diving business. It spiced up the book with some sexual scenes and pleasure. It also explored various locations as we read about the characters' travel to places either by air or road. For instance, during the war, Richard had to travel to Kuwait, then stopped in Cyprus when he first saw the gigantic rock. Then, after some years, he was in Cyprus again with his wife for vacation, hoping to return. During these travels, he had many experiences and did sightseeing which would have an impact on his life.

The genre of the book focused on the mysterious goddess who tried reaching out to Richard to find her. It felt weird since he was the only one experiencing this. At some point, he thought he saw some glimpse of her, but when he tried following her, she was no longer there. He was lost as he deeply fantasized over this ancient Greek goddess.

Well, a story cannot be complete without the characters, starting with the main character. He was a caring and warm-hearted man, and I came to love him more when he tried explaining to Peter how devastated he felt at the gruesome killings of innocent people which terrorized him as a soldier. I also appreciated how Richard plans to give Peter some of the profit he gets from the business because of the help he always rendered. Besides the main character, Julie also proved to be outstanding as Richard's wife.  She cared for her husband and supported his decision when he planned to start a diving business even though she felt bad about it. These characters and others possessed qualities such as love, sympathy, care, trust and much more which added to the interesting story.

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I can conclude that the book was well-written and would like to recommend to adults who are fans of the fantasy or mystery genre.




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