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Mirror of Stone
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Science Fiction
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The Mirror of Stone by Corie Weaver is about a covert war fought between an alien race and humans. While all the members of the alien race are aware of this war, only one human knows of it.  The story begins with Eleanor finding a small video player showing a magnificent city, along with a map and notebook filled with ramblings of an old man. Her aunt found the video player, ant took it away. This, along with many other events, and pent up resentment for her aunt, causes Eleanor to run away. Her aunt calls the police saying the Eleanor, “stole something.” Adam, a SecDept. Officer, who hates his job, ends up having to go after her. Eleanor, faced with no other options, goes to the spot where the old man told about in the video, and discovers the alien race. The alien people thus make her their ambassador in an effort to end the war, while Adam ends up in a comma. What ensues after is a series of thrilling events, that cannot be spoiled, so read the book yourself!


Starting with what I like in the book, the most apparent thing that you could see from page one was the description, even from the beginning I was able to completely visualize the setting of the book. The characters were also very realistic, they had their flaws, and the line between good and bad, like in real life, was not perfectly clear (which is definitely a good thing). One last thing that I found amazing was the suspense at the end of every chapter or before the setting changed.

On the flip side I did feel the author’s descriptive language started to die out as the story progressed, which did detract a little from the quality of the book at the end.  I also did not like how easily some of the characters were willing to change their views throughout the book.

In the end, this was a great story and the flaws that I pointed out did not take away that much from the book as a whole. I would easily give this book 5/5 stars, and would recommend this book to kids ages 13 and up, of both genders. While there was not much bad language used throughout the book, the plot was intricate and I do feel that some younger readers would not comprehend and enjoy the book fully.

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Content rating - some mature content

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There was some bad language in the book.




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