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SLAM, and Ruby is dead! Who knew a simple fight could end someone's life forever? Well, Ruby soon finds out that it indeed could. Ruby was madly in love with her boyfriend, Leo Culver. Every day they hung out together. They loved each other, and nothing could get in the way of it, except  a simple mistake. Now Ruby's pregnant and has no idea what to do. When her boyfriend Leo and his bandmates go to a cabin, she feels abandoned. As time passes, her secret is getting harder to keep though, and she needs to tell Leo. After fighting with each other, Ruby storms off. Not paying attention, Ruby sees an animal on the road, swerves, and her car slides down an embankment. Ruby's life is over. Now she's a ghost and must find a way to fix everything. Along the way she meets some friends, learns more about life, and finds out just how much Leo actually loved her.


‚ÄčThis was a marvelous book. When I read this book it made me realize how a fight could mess up your entire life. This book was a great choice for my style of reading because I enjoy a good romance and drama book. I think anyone who likes romance and drama should consider reading this. The romance and suspense made me want to keep reading the book. I can relate to the book because when I hear something that I didn't want to hear I can get upset just like Ruby did when Leo said he didn't want kids. However, the book was also kind of hard to relate to because some of the experiences that Ruby had didn't really match mine. One expirience that Ruby had and I didn't was Ruby being pregnant.  In general, I really enjoyed reading the book and I would recommend it to any of my friends.

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In the book, Little Red Gem, there were some parts about Ruby being pregnant.

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