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Katy Cat has always dreamed of singing on Broadway, but all the other animals on Skillet Street don't believe in her.  They tell her that as a cat she should be chasing birds, not practicing singing! Even her owner Lilian tells her that the outside world, especially the big city where Broadway is, is dangerous and that Katy should stay inside. One day, Katy is practicing her songs sitting on the tree in her front yard when she falls off onto the street! Scared that she will get run over, Katy keeps running until she reaches the city and runs into another cat. The cat introduces himself as Weasel and tells Katy they should stick together to stay safe in the city! As the day goes by, Katy starts to miss her home.  The big city isn't all she imagined it to be!  But when Katy and Weasel visit Broadway and Katy finds herself face to face with a chance to perform, she knows she needs to take it! But will the audience like Katy's performance, or will her stage fright prevent her from singing her best?


Overall, I highly recommend this book to young readers. This is an early chapter book that is perfect for readers looking for a book filled with adventure! The first thing I enjoyed about this story was that despite being a quick story, Katy was able to learn many things by the end of the story. Katy is a very special cat, and we see her determination to make her dreams come true throughout the chapters. The first lesson she learned was to stay true to herself. Even though the other animals made fun of her for her singing, Katy knew this was what made her special and stuck through with it until the end of the story! Another lesson she learned was that while things may not be exactly what she thinks they are, they can still be great! The Big City is very different than what Katy imagined, but she is still able to live out her dream of performing on Broadway there. I also really liked the drawings in this book. They were very colorful and gave me a good idea of what the characters and the settings (such as the City) looked like. This is an awesome book for preschoolers and lower elementary students that shows the importance of following your dreams!

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