Katy on Broadway by Ella English
Katy on Broadway by Ella English
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I'm a Superstar!

Katy cat loves to sing and practices every day. Gerry says she can’t sing, and her owner Lillian says New York is too dangerous for such a small kitty. But now she’s ready to try! She escapes her yard and makes it to the city. But it IS a big scary place! Now she’s all alone and lost. How will she find her way? Can she really become a superstar?

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  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 5 - 8
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Katy Cat has always dreamed of singing on Broadway, but all the other animals on Skillet Street don't believe in her.  They tell her that as a cat she should be chasing birds, not practicing singing! Even her owner Lilian tells her that the outside world, especially the big city where Broadway is, is dangerous and that Katy should stay inside. One day, Katy is practicing her songs sitting on the tree in her front yard when she falls off onto the street! Scared that she will get run over, Katy keeps running until she reaches the city and runs into another cat.
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Cats are supposed to be staying at home and chasing birds, at least that's what Katy has always been told. Katy knows that she loves singing though and keeps practicing even when all the other animals tease her. She knows that one day she will finally get the chance to live out her dream and perform on Broadway. One day, Katy is practicing singing on a tree in her backyard when she has a fight with a squirrel named Gerry and ends up falling out of the tree! She falls into the street and starts running to avoid traffic.
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