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Cats are supposed to be staying at home and chasing birds, at least that's what Katy has always been told. Katy knows that she loves singing though and keeps practicing even when all the other animals tease her. She knows that one day she will finally get the chance to live out her dream and perform on Broadway. One day, Katy is practicing singing on a tree in her backyard when she has a fight with a squirrel named Gerry and ends up falling out of the tree! She falls into the street and starts running to avoid traffic. She keeps running until reaches the big city where she meets a cat named Weasel. Katy quickly becomes friends with Weasel, and he teaches her the ways of the city such as how to stay safe and find food! The big city isn't everything Katy hoped it would be, and she starts to miss everything about her home, even Gerry! After a few days in the city, Katy wakes up from a nap and hears someone singing. She follows the sound of the voice until she reaches a stage that she realizes is Broadway. Is this finally Katy's chance to make her dreams come true and perform on Broadway?


I really enjoyed reading this story! Katy is a very sweet cat, and we can see her kind and hard-working personality from the start of the story. The author did a great job of introducing Katy's ambitions and showing us her personality through the way she interacts with the other animals and characters in this book. I enjoyed the colorful drawings that were shown throughout the book as they really helped me visualize the scenes as I read about them. Another thing I liked was that the author included a list of Broadway facts and New York facts at the end of the book! It was very cool to learn facts about the real-life city and Broadway that the book was based on. Through Katy's story, this book did a great job of showing how staying persistent about your dreams will eventually lead you to achieve them. This book also shows the importance of believing in yourself even if others do not! Overall, I think this is an awesome picture book for readers of any age!

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