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Age Range - 8 - 12
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The Journey of Yuan and Kian by Marin Darmonkow is a charming story about a unicorn and a narwhal who embark on a mission to "add light to the night sky." Along the way, they encounter different animals and learn about their unique characteristics. Yuan and Kian ask each of these animals to teach them how to fly, as they know that flying is a skill they need to add light to the night sky. None of the animals they met taught them how to fly until they met the stork. The stork started to teach Yuan and Kian how to fly but to no avail. Will Yuan and Kian ever learn how to fly to add light to the night sky? Read on to unravel the adventures of Yuan and Kian!



The Journey of Yuan and Kian is a fascinating book that explores differences, similarities, and uniqueness of one’s character. The story captivates the reader’s imagination by showing impossible scenarios and yet making them seem so relatable, such as a narwhal learning to walk on land. The story also teaches an important lesson about perseverance and self-belief, inspiring readers to embrace their uniqueness and never give up on their dreams. The illustrations vividly depict the imaginative plot, and the text is formatted in an easily readable style. It is a great book for self-discovery, and it can serve as an inspiration for readers to embrace their unique qualities and never give up on their dreams. With beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming plot, this book is a must-read for both children and adults!

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