The Incredible Adventures of Charlotte Sycamore re...
The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore
by Kate Maddison
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Charlotte Sycamore is a sixteen-year old girl who has grown up in castle. Not as a princess though. No, she is the daughter of Her Majesty’s royal surgeon, and she is tired of being cooped up inside. After so many years of trying to be the perfect lady her father and everyone else wants her to be, Charlotte decides she can try to be both. So, she begins sneaking out at night to fence with her friends and begins stealing from the infirmary to give medicine to the poor. Not long after she begins to sneak out, she faces an unknown villain who poisoned her friends and is now trying to poison her beloved Queen. Will she be able to track down the villain and save her friends, or will she have to watch her friends die?



The Incredible Charlotte Sycamore by Kate Maddison was entrancing and immediately pulled me in with the very first words of the first chapter. This book had a wonderful mix of romance, steampunk tweaks, mystery, and action, but it was lacking in a few areas. As a novel, which one can assume it is, it didn’t fully clear up any questions a reader might have. It also had quite a few spelling errors, of which I am sure were mainly corrected before the book was published. Overall though, it was highly amusing and entertaining, and I would love to read it again really soon. I recommend this book mainly to girls in grades nine and above. 

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There were a few scenes where they described sickly and bloody people in detail. It is not horrible, but it is there nonetheless.

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