I Remember You review by CassieTaylor1203
I Remember You
by Cathleen Davitt Bell
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 17
Reviewer's Location - Painted Post, NY, United States
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Juliet knows there's something strange about Lucas when she first meets him. After all, what normal person says he remembers a first kiss that hasn't happened yet?  Or any of the other events that Lucas says he has experienced before? 

Still, Juliet decides to take a chance on him and their love progresses in a much different way than how Lucas thinks he experienced it. When Lucas starts getting bad headaches, and has dreams about a future that couldn't possibly come to be, Juliet is worried that everything isn't as perfect as it seems. A fall on the ice puts Lucas in danger, and Juliet has to figure out a way to prevent Lucas' dreams regarding their future from becoming a reality.


I really enjoyed this book. It flows very nicely, especially regarding the fact that the story takes place over a number of years. There are some major time jumps, but they are executed in a way that make sense. The way the author has Lucas explain his dreams and the things he remembers is easy to follow as well, which is great because if it had gotten too complicated, it would have been hard to read.

I like Juliet as a character, because she has a good, realistic balance of doing what is right for her, and what is right for other people. The overall atmosphere is bittersweet, feeling that something bad is going to happen, but that the characters can not do anything to prevent it. I really love this writer's style.

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Content rating - some mature content

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It does talk a little bit about sexual experiences but nothing really explicit.



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