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How to Lose Everything: A Mostly True Story (True Stories)
by Philip Mattheis
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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In the summer of 1994, four teenagers, Jonathan, Sam, Eric and Schulz, find a sizable amount of money in an abandoned house in the suburbs of Munich.  This discovery catalyzes a series of events that change the lives of all four friends, and not for the better.  The inexorable unraveling of their friendship leaves an irreparable trail of damage and not one of the four escape unscathed.


How To Lose Everything by Philipp Mattheis is a harsh and realistic testimony of being a teenager.  It presents the peer pressure that leads to drugs and alcohol, and also, in part, the human thirst for wealth.  Accompanying this is the haunting reality of how fragile friendships can be.  In the beginning, we see four friends with an unbreakable bond, but by the time we close the book, we’ve witnessed the shattering of that friendship, that now resembles puzzle pieces that will never fit together.  All in all, this book is an eye opener worth a read.  It has the ability to bring the reader down to earth and make them think about what they would do if it was them in such a tricky situation.  It causes the reader to really ponder about what they would do if it were they who were enabled to do anything they wanted. And if they had that power, would they abuse it and live with the consequences, or respect it.

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Drug use and alcohol consumption



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