How to Lose Everything
How to Lose Everything: A Mostly True Story (True Stories)
How to Lose Everything
Philip Mattheis
Jonathan, Sam, Schulz, and Eric usually spend their summers hanging out at the park, skateboarding and dreaming about the time when they’ll finally move out of the suburbs. But in the summer of 1994, the four teenagers find a small fortune hidden inside an abandoned house. What starts out as a blessing soon turns into a curse, however, as stress, drugs, and dwindling funds raise some serious questions about the future. Eighteen years later Jonathan returns to that life-changing summer to tally up the cost of that discovery, exploring how a broken dream led to a totally renewed sense of purpose.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Jonathan, Sam, Shulz, and Eric are four adrift and rebellious friends living in the suburbs of Munich, Germany. In the summer of 1994, the teenagers break into an old abandoned house and find envelopes filled with  money hidden throughout the house.

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In the summer of 1994, four teenagers, Jonathan, Sam, Eric and Schulz, find a sizable amount of money in an abandoned house in the suburbs of Munich.  This discovery catalyzes a series of events that change the lives of all four friends, and not for the better.  The inexorable unraveling of their friendship leaves an irreparable trail of damage and not one of the four escape unscathed.

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