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Taxis are everywhere.  From the busy streets of New York City to suburbs in India, taxis are a common part of many people's lives. Often, taxis blend into the background of people's lives, but this book brings to light the unique stories behind taxi drivers and how taxis came to be. We start off learning about the history behind taxis and how they were created, as well as variations of the modern taxis we are used to seeing. Next, we learn about the life of taxi drivers and the unique people they talk to and places they see while on the job. Lastly, the book discusses the modernization of taxis with new platforms such as Uber being created. Overall, this book teaches you a great in-depth overview of the (not so well known!) lives of taxi drivers!


Overall, I loved reading this book. Though it is a non-fiction book, the stories told in the book were very interesting.  I found that I often became immersed in the stories, specifically the ones surrounding taxi drivers who had immigrated to the US from other countries such as East Africa and India. I loved the author's style of writing as I didn't feel overwhelmed with the amount of information presented to me, but rather felt I understood the topics I was reading about. The pacing of the book was great as well; it was quick enough to keep my interest, but I never felt that I was confused about what was happening. Additionally, I felt that I learned a lot from this book, not only about taxis, but also about how the idea of transportation has changed over time from only the rich and royal being able to afford transportation to it becoming a much more common thing. I also really liked the variety of images in the book (both drawing and photographs!) as it was cool to see pictures to match all the new facts I was learning! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to learn a bit more about the very interesting topic of taxis!

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