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A GYPSY SECRET: Full Moon Series Book Three
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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A Gypsy Secret is the third book about Clara, a girl with secret shape-shifting powers. A Gypsy put a curse on her family, so they had to transform on the nights of the full moon. Clara broke the curse, so now she can transform at any time. Because of events in book two, she is treated with hostility at the Gypsy camp. The only people who treat her well are Grams – called that by everyone, Des - Luke's dad (and the camp leader), and Luke - her best friend.

Despite these difficulties, Clara and Luke have remained friends until, for some reason, Luke starts being distant. Clara thinks he's hiding something, but he won't tell her. She feels hurt and decides not to talk to Luke. What is Luke's secret? Will it change their friendship? Read the book to find out!


If you liked the first two books of the Full Moon Series, you will love book three! It is full of adventure, secrets, and of course excitement! The characters continue to be developed in this book, and friendships are tested and strengthened. There is a bit of suspense and frightening situations as Clara and Luke face trials. These are well done, and are kept in line with the appropriate ages, which I would recommend as 8-12. 

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