A Gypsy Secret (Full Moon #3)
A GYPSY SECRET: Full Moon Series Book Three
A Gypsy Secret (Full Moon #3)
Top Choice
An unlikely friendship, a life-changing secret, a Gypsy vendetta about to explode… Clara’s classmates think she is aloof and unsociable. Which is exactly what she wants them to think. Because Clara has special powers that set her apart, and she can’t risk them being discovered. Clara is a shape-shifter.Luke has a lot on his mind. Not only is he at the centre of a family feud that’s threatening to tear his Gypsy clan apart, he has a secret. If revealed it could destroy his life forever. All Clara and Luke want to do is enjoy the summer holidays together. Only Clara’s parents have different ideas and the Gypsy hostilities are escalating to crisis point.Will Luke be able to protect his people and keep his secret safe? Will Clara overcome her parents resolve and help save the Gypsies from destruction?A Gypsy Secret is the third instalment of the gripping Full Moon series. A Litpick Top Choice Award winner, if you enjoy fantasy and magic with your adventures, then you’ll love this book.

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

A Gypsy Secret is the third book about Clara, a girl with secret shape-shifting powers. A Gypsy put a curse on her family, so they had to transform on the nights of the full moon. Clara broke the curse, so now she can transform at any time. Because of events in book two, she is treated with hostility at the Gypsy camp. The only people who treat her well are Grams – called that by everyone, Des - Luke's dad (and the camp leader), and Luke - her best friend.

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