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Going Too Far (The Kylxon Chronicles) (Volume 3)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 15
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Going Too Far is the third installment in the Kylxon Chronicles series, and so far, we have found that Mr. Memmer and Mrs. Wamdoffer are working together to steal Kanata’s (Mrs. Wamdoffer’s adopted granddaughter’s) inheritance. Pack and Sydney have been successful up until now helping Kanata, and they are ready for a little break. 

After sneaking into Mrs. Wamdoffer’s house to steal back Kanata’s adoption records, they are all set to go before the judge. They figure since there isn’t anything left to do to get ready, they can take a day off and go to the mall. Everyone agrees, and they set off. 

After grabbing a bite to eat, they split up. Sydney goes to the arcade, and Pack and Kanata go ice skating. They are going to wait for Sydney, but something is off; she is taking a lot longer than she said she would. Something happens that makes Pack and Kanata have to leave the ice skating rink temporarily. While they are away, Sydney finally gets to the ice skating rink. When she finds out they had to leave the mall, so she goes to return their rented skates. 

As Pack and Kanata get back, they see her being taken away by someone. Pack ignores the advice of his Kylxon ancestors and drops everything to save Sydney. Will Pack be able to save Sydney, or will the bad guys succeed and get rid of her once and for all?


Going Too Far is a great book filled with lots of action, adventure, and mystery. It was great that it stayed true to the rest of the series, as some series tend to stray from their roots. Another thing that some books do is have their plot stop moving along smoothly, but I didn’t experience that anywhere in this book, which was nice.  I also liked how the author, P. E. Yudkoff, expanded on the relationships between the characters even more and allowed the readers to connect more deeply with them.  This book is definitely not a standalone, so to understand a lot of what is said, you must read the first two books. I would recommend this series to ages 12 and up or to fans of action stories where kids face off against adult villains.

Content Rating:

Content rating - some mature content

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Some language and death.



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