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Fractured is a story about Dara (or Reult, as her cousin Ciomach and her father call her), who is confused and disturbed about the recent experiments of her father. When her friend, Korina, is touched by a mysterious shadow and healed by her father, she realizes there might be more to her father and her family than what she is told. Earthquakes and shadows plague the world, and it is all up to Dara, Korina, and their new friend William to find out what is happening: what her father is doing, what the consequences are, and unearth the secrets behind her inhuman ancestry.


I liked quite a few things about the book. First of all is Ciomach (real name: Tinachore), who seems quite serious and yet hides a bit of a warm demeanor under that. The character development between William and Ciomach, which is eventually trusting and tolerating each other is also a good dynamic, along with Korina and Dara. The start of the story was utterly confusing since there were many terms and places all at once, and it feels quite random and unconnected. Going over to the last part of the book, however, the strings tighten, and I discover exactly what all the preceding information meant. I enjoyed it from there. The world of the Faeries is easy to imagine and holds quite a magical appeal, especially the connections to the Celtic culture. It reads much like a familiar fairy tale.

I would have liked the hints towards the end to be more defined and easy to catch. The characters, although with defining traits, could use more internal conflict and motives behind their actions. The plot could also have started earlier, focusing more on the segments in the other world.

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