Cathy Hird

Cathy Hird is a storyteller, a shepherd and a weaver. She creates stories that pull together the threads of ancient mythology and glimpses of wisdom to tell stories that address modern questions.

Cathy published her first novel Moon of the Goddess with Prizm Books in 2013 and has also published a short story and a poem in the Canadian Landscape Writing Challenge. An upcoming edition of Tin Roof Press will include a poem from her travels in Ghana. She has published several non-fiction pieces with the United Church of Canada.

Cathy runs a small sheep farm with her husband and son, and she shepherds a congregation of the United Church of Canada near Toronto, Ontario. Cathy weaves tapestries and stoles.  She enjoys a complex family with a daughter working in Ghana and two step-families with four grandchildren.

Cathy’s formal training includes a BA in English Literature as well as an MA and a Master of Divinity. After working through the Humber College correspondence program in creative writing, she has enjoyed the challenge of a monthly writers group. 


Cathy Hird