Fractured: When Shadows Arise
Fractured: When Shadows Arise

The summer before college should be a time to relax and enjoy freedom. But when Dara's father turns to the secret science of alchemy and the stolen cup of the goddess Ceridwen in order to develop a revolutionary renewable power source, disaster threatens their quiet rural community. His power conduits reach into mystic underground places, stealing light and energy from Faerie. He releases hungry shadow creatures, poisons Faerie and traps himself in the conduits he opened. Summoned by an elven queen, Dara must find a way to undo the damage and rescue her father.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Fractured is a story about Dara (or Reult, as her cousin Ciomach and her father call her), who is confused and disturbed about the recent experiments of her father. When her friend, Korina, is touched by a mysterious shadow and healed by her father, she realizes there might be more to her father and her family than what she is told. Earthquakes and shadows plague the world, and it is all up to Dara, Korina, and their new friend William to find out what is happening: what her father is doing, what the consequences are, and unearth the secrets behind her inhuman ancestry.

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     Fractured: When Shadows Arise is an interesting book about an alchemist trying to find and harness an infinite energy source to make himself rich. He finds out that there is another realm with an abundance of energy. Seeing this, the alchemist has started to open portals to the realm to suck out its energy. The people of this realm are now worried that they might die.

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This book is about Dara, who is very confused after her friend Korina is "touched" by a shadow. After her father is mysteriously able to heal Korina, Dara starts to wonder what is going on with him. She realizes that her father is using a secret alchemy to harness unlimited power. But as disaster starts to strike in her quiet, rural community, Dara knows that something is wrong. It's up to Dara, Korina, and her new friend William to figure out what is happening... and see if they can stop it before it is too late.
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