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After failing his Guardian training, Johan feels as if he has lost everything he'd ever hoped and dreamed for.

That is, until a brownie halfling named Felix appears at his door under orders of Pius to take him and train him. When Johan comes, he meets Pius, the wizard and Arlo, a human like Johan.

Pius tells him that he is Chosen and that he would be tasked to retrieve Blazer, a sword that holds unspeakable power, from the hands of dangerous goblins.

Steampunk meets Sherlock in this delightful novel set in London. When Quillian Watson, apprentice to Dr. M, nears the achievement of her dreams to be a surgeon, the winds change. When a boy needing a mechanical arm dies on their operating table, it heralds the first of many clues that not everything is as it seems: prostitutes disappearing, shadows from her past, and a dashing Greyson Holmes enter her previously peaceful life.

Fractured is a story about Dara (or Reult, as her cousin Ciomach and her father call her), who is confused and disturbed about the recent experiments of her father. When her friend, Korina, is touched by a mysterious shadow and healed by her father, she realizes there might be more to her father and her family than what she is told. Earthquakes and shadows plague the world, and it is all up to Dara, Korina, and their new friend William to find out what is happening: what her father is doing, what the consequences are, and unearth the secrets behind her inhuman ancestry.

In this story, we follow Jack Dayton and his friend Hector on their quest to find Black Juan's treasure on the mysterious Peril Island. After Jack's encounter with the mysterious, long-lived Black Juan, he discovers a secret island where the pirate kept his treasure. Armed with this information, he resolves to find and claim this treasure. Eventually he enlists Hector, a close friend, to help and go along.