Flying Mutant Zombie Rats review by nictaf
Flying Mutant Zombie Rats (Moto Maddie BMX Portal Book 1)
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - Kingman, AZ, United States
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Flying Mutant Zombie Rats is a book about a boy named Peabody (Pea) and his friends. They are going to a new BMX park that just opened. Summer is here, and what better thing to do than go to the brand new park?

Pea is racing on the BMX course when suddenly, wham, he crashes! Due to the crash, a portal appears right in front of him, and a flying mutant zombie rat comes out! Now there is an invasion, and the only people who can save the world are Pea and his friends. Will they save the world in time? Can the flying mutant zombie rats be stopped? Find out in this exciting book!


Flying Mutant Zombie Rats was an exciting book full of adventure and fun. Kat de Falla created a wonderful story! The characters were very funny and well described. For example, she wrote "Paco stood by the gate with his sparkling, almost all chrome, GT bike. He had a habit of constantly shoveling food in his mouth, but in spite of that he was wiry--and someone good to have on your side in a fight."

Pea was a funny, nice kid. He was very likable. I felt this book was too short; I wanted it to keep going because it was so enjoyable. I’d love to read the second book! This book is great for ages 9 and up.


From the Author: 

Thanks so much for reviewing my book, and I'm so glad you liked it! (Kat de Falla, author of Flying Mutant Zombie Rats)

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There was mild blood, but no language.



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