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Age Range - 8 - 12
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Eudora loves living on the Athena, an Astro-liner ship in space! Sure, sometimes she gets into trouble, like the time she told the ship robot officer Walter to run on stage and steal the show during her sister's lead part in the school play, but Eudora loves the Athena. Yet, when everyone else is busy, it can get a little boring sometimes for Eudora. One day, Eudora decides that she would like to play the game Woggle, but everyone Eudora asks says that they are busy! Luckily, someone suggests that Eudora ask Walter to play, and Walter is available. However, Eudora forgets one thing! Walter is a robot officer and is very good at games like Woggle. When Walter beats Eudora in the game, Eudora gets upset and throws a game piece at him! She doesn't mean for it to actually hit him, but it does and Walter starts to break. Eudora knows that she can't let anyone know she broke Walter or she will get into BIG trouble. But can she and her best friend Arnold somehow hide this from a ship full of very smart adults?


Overall, I loved reading this book. The story itself was very simple but funny, and the book was a very quick and entertaining read. I liked how we were able to see Eudora's character develop through her actions. We can first see her mischievous nature at the beginning of the story with the scene of her sister's play and then see how this shapes her actions in the rest of the story. This story took place in space, and the author did a great job of describing this setting by including details such as a space whale! The author also included unique characters in the story like different space aliens and robot-officers which made the story different than others I have read and more interesting. I enjoyed that the story was fast-paced and moved quickly with things happening in every chapter! Overall, I recommend this book to any reader looking for a fun book full of adventure and mischief!

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