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Adoriana Marik has grown up her whole life in Mariupol, Ukraine. Though she had a somewhat lonely childhood, she grew up happy, and her love for art grew as she got older. Her parents ended up moving into her mother's childhood village, but Adoriana stayed behind in Mariupol with her now-adult siblings. As Adoriana got older, she was introduced to the art of tattoos and soon took up the career of a tattoo artist. She hoped to save up her money and be able to move abroad to a country where she didn't constantly feel threatened by the idea of war. Everything in her life changed in February of 2022 when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war against Ukraine. Adoriana's life turned into a constant state of fear, hiding out for over a month underground around her city. The beautiful city of Mariupol that she had grown up in no longer existed, the stores were looted, and the beautiful gardens she had grown up with disappeared. Adoriana knew that she must do something: she had to escape. Escape from Mariupol is a beautiful memoir of one women's escape from Ukraine after the horrible attack launched by  Vladimir Putin.


Overall, I was extremely moved by this book and the story of Adoriana. The author did an amazing job of putting Adoriana's story into novel form. The first thing I liked about this book was how we got context about Mariupol and Adoriana's childhood from before February of 2022. I think this helped me understand the way Adoriana felt throughout the story, as even though she experienced problems in Mariupol, it was her home and where she had grown up. Another thing the book gave me was insight into was Adoriana's experience leading up to the war and the feelings of dread and anxiety she was feeling that were present throughout the community. I was extremely impressed with Adoriana's ability to stay true to herself throughout the story. Even though she dealt with very extreme hardships through the course of this book, she showed extreme bravery and determination to be able to escape from the war. Reading this book definitely taught me a lot about living in wartime, especially for someone who is just living their daily life and not on the front lines of the conflict. I think seeing how much the war tore apart Adoriana's life helped me understand the extent of how everyone in Ukraine was affected drastically. It was nice to read about the kindness and help Adoriana experienced through her journey, especially the kindness of her friend Lucas when she was a refugee in the Czech Republic. Lastly, I loved how the book ended on a hopeful note, showing that even those who experience extreme hardships can overcome them and find happiness. As a whole, I think this book gave a lot of insight into how it was to experience the Ukraine-Russia war from inside Ukraine, and I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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