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Elegy (A Watersong Novel)
by Amanda Hocking
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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In the final installment of the Watersong series, Gemma is desperately trying to keep her friends and family safe from her fellow sirens. She has to find some way of keeping Liv from killing the entire town on a whim. She needs Penn not to kill her sister Harper, Daniel (Harper's boyfriend) and her father, but she doesn't have much to bargain with. Penn is much more powerful than Gemma, because Gemma refuses to eat mens' hearts. Daniel has his own ideas about how to keep Gemma and Harper safe. Daniel has made a deal with Penn in exchange for Gemma and Harper's safety. But is he brave enough to keep his end of the bargain? In the middle of all of this, Gemma and Daniel realize that the siren song Gemma used on Alex (her ex-boyfriend) to protect him, has done the opposite. He has become angry, violent, and drunk all the time. Can Gemma find a way break the curse and save her family and friends?


I am sorry to say that this was a truly disappointing book. While Amanda Hocking has created an amazing world, her characters fall a bit short. At the beginning of the series, her characters were great. However, they never changed throughout the series, and by the time you hit the fourth book, you're completely bored with them. For example, when you first meet Penn, she seems like a control freak who uses people to get what she wants. For an introduction to an antagonist, that's fine. At the end of the series she is still like that. She never really gets much deeper. The only reason the readers get for her actions is that she's a spoiled brat. Well, we knew that from book one. It isn't just Penn. None of the characters really grow. The plot was amazing, but it took up the entire book. There was no room for things like character development. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, honestly.

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There was a lot of very mature content. In almost every fight scene (and there were many) there was bad language. A major piece of the plot dealt with sex, and one of the characters becomes an underage drinker.




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