Daybreak on Raven Island review by Caitie4412
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Mystery

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Age at time of review - 13
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Daybreak on Raven Island is about three seventh graders, Marvin, Tori, and Noah, who are going on a class trip to Raven Island. They all would rather be somewhere else doing their own activities. From afar, Raven Island seems like just an old, abandoned prison, but it turns out, there is something more sinister about it. The teacher puts the three of them together as a group, but when they sneak away from the rest of the group, problems start arising. They find something ominous is going on because there are ghosts roaming around the island, and frightened, the three of them rush back to the group only to find they missed the ferry to go back. Still scared, the three kids have to figure out a way to survive the night while uncovering it's secrets, or they might become ghosts themselves.


This book is perfect for anyone looking for one with mystery and supernatural elements. Tori, Noah, and Marvin all have very different personalities, yet they still begin to forge a friendship throughout the book. From the beginning, this book was very intriguing, and it kept me engaged throughout the entire time. I also loved how there was a lot of twists and turns with the mystery, which made each outcome unpredictable. The setting of the story was quite fascinating because it was based off of Alcatraz, and the descriptions of each scene really helped me envision what was happening. One flaw, however, is that sometimes the timeline isn't matched up, and it made me a little confused in some parts. But overall, this book was an awesome read and definitely one I would recommend to my friends.


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